Choice of Laptop Appearance

1. Consider the most suitable size for your laptop. Laptops come in three different size/weight ranges. They are small Internet-specific laptops, ordinary laptops or desktop substitutes. All these belong to the broader concept of "laptop". However, their final availability is different and will affect your choice.

There are several important things about the size of laptops. They are weight, screen size, keyboard layout, performance and battery life. You will find that the Internet laptop is the cheapest but the smallest choice. Ordinary laptops need to strike a balance between all factors that meet your needs. Portability is the main problem of laptops. Getting a larger screen will sacrifice weight and portability. When viewing other laptops, consider the size of your package.

2. Determine whether to choose the Internet laptop. Internet laptops are called mini laptops. It has a small portable screen of 7.0 inches to 13.1 inches. It is compact and light. It is suitable for sending and browsing content via e-mail or using less Internet content. Internet laptops do not have as much RAM as laptops. Their ability to run complex applications is limited. The keyboard of the Internet laptop will be different from that of the standard laptop.

3. Look at the standard laptop. These screens range in size from 13.1 inches to 15.0 inches. They are medium, light and thin, It can hold a large amount of memory. The decision of laptop depends on your preference for screen size and the amount of RAM.

4. Consider desktop computers instead of laptops. Their screens range in size from 17.2 inches to 20.0 inches. They are bigger and heavier. They have full functions. They are placed on the table rather than in backpacks. It is convenient to move when needed. The weight added when carrying is not a big problem. If you are not sure about this size, weigh your desk and portable needs.

Some desktop computers can be upgraded to a certain extent. New graphics cards can be installed. These laptops are the most suitable for game enthusiasts. The battery life of large laptops is shorter.

Most laptops in retail showrooms are not made for durability. If it is important, you can choose enterprise model laptops made of metal or composite materials.

6. Style. In essence, laptops are public devices. Like watches, purses, sunglasses or any other accessories, laptops have styles. Make sure that the laptop you want is not ugly.


November 19,2021

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