HONOR MagiBbook 15, An Excellent Laptop

HONOR caters to the needs of young users through years of hard work in the mobile phone market. It launched the first laptop product HONOR MagiBbook from 2018. After the release of HONOR MagiBbook, it has won the love of young people. It gained a double harvest of sales volume and public praise. In fact, this is inseparable from the insistence of HONOR on high quality, high color value and high cost performance.

HONOR wanted to further expand the market and provide young people with more cost-effective products. So it joined hands with AMD to launch three laptop models of the new MagiBbook Ryzen series. They are HONOR MagiBbook 14, 15 and HONOR MagiBbook Pro Ryzen Edition respectively.

In this era of paying attention to color value, when we buy a product, we will struggle with its color value. The color value of a product is not high, the most important thing is to see if its appearance design is your favorite type. Today we will first introduce from the appearance.

Let's look at HONOR MagiBbook 15 first. The 15.6-inch A side has a smart small blue edge, which looks very fashionable. The design of the three-sided micro-frame makes the screen account for as much as 87% in an instant. This design makes it a perfect immersive experience for both games and videos. A hidden camera is also used between keyboards F6 and F7. Its weight is 1.53 kg. The thickness is only 16.9 mm. The fuselage is light and thin. It is convenient to work from home or take it with you to cafes or meetings.

In terms of core configuration, the minimum version of HONOR MagiBbook 15 is AMD Ryzen 5-3500U processor, 8GB memory and 512GB hard disk. It adopts third-party Linux system, PCIe SSD hard disk, DDR4 dual-channel memory and other configurations. This configuration can still satisfy daily life and work. Although memory cannot be upgraded, additional versions of memory can be added. HONOR MagiBbook 15 integrates fingerprint identification and power key. This saves the time to log in to the system when starting up.

It has a wealth of interfaces. 2 USB3.0 interfaces. 1 USB Type-C interface. 1 HDMI interface. In terms of heat dissipation, higher density fan blades are adopted. The number of fan blades increased by 49%, and the air volume and heat dissipation capacity were greatly improved. There is no need to worry about fever caused by games or long-term use.


November 15,2021

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