HONOR MagicWatch 2 Review

Since wearable smart devices are fashionable, they are popular. The mirror of HONOR MagicWatch 2 is designed with inclined engraving. The glass mirror is engraved with concave engraving. It has modern aesthetic feeling. It is suitable for people with high living requirements. It has a dial with a diameter of 46mm. It has larger screen and light weight. The watch supports dial customization. The 1.39-inch AMOLED high-definition precise touch color screen has a display resolution of 454 * 454 resolution light. It has a stronger contrast and brighter color display effect. This brings you stronger visual effects. Mobile phone photos support Huawei Share OneHop. It has its own style and aesthetic feelings. This can better meet the needs of users. The unique wrist lifting and bright screen mode makes the operation easier. It can provide upgraded services for users' lives.

It uses HUAWEI wearable chip Kirin A1 chip to achieve a perfect balance. It is between performance and power consumption under multi-sensor operation. For example, exercise, music, intelligent heart rate, sleep monitoring, etc. It brings users a strong endurance experience. It increases the practicability of watches. It improves the efficiency and provides convenience for the life and work of users.

HONOR MagicWatch 2 is considerate for 24-hour heart rate monitoring. It helps users with bradycardia and heart failure to monitor. In the inactive state, when the heart rate is higher than 100 bpm or lower than 50 bpm for more than 10 minutes, the watch will inform the customer. Download HUAWEI Sports Health APP to query the heart rate in real time.

The watch has rich models and professional experience. As a smart watch, HONOR's watch is athletic. It includes 15 different exercise modes and 13 professional running courses. It adds voice broadcasting function and professional guidance. You can be a real runner.

HONOR MagicWatch 2 supports GPS and GLONASS. It makes positioning more accurate. It can track and locate in challenging environments. It provides strong technical support for outdoor cross-country enthusiasts. In urban high-rise buildings, sports fields and other scenes, the movement track is accurate.

For indoor sports enthusiasts, HONOR MagicWatch 2 can record the user's movement on the rowing machine. It includes the real-time heart rate, calories and time of the machine. The watch provides the user with training effect and recovery time. This smart watch has a powerful 50m waterproof function. This is the best choice for swimmers. At the same time of swimming, it can carry out heart rate monitoring. This is helpful to the professional swimmers train.



November 23,2021

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