Learn to be a better photographer with Luminar

What makes a great picture?

Is it the camera? The subject? The processing software?

Actually, it’s none of these things.

What makes a great picture is you .

I’ve made some big mistakes as a casual photographer. At the start, it was buying gear I couldn’t afford. Then, it was wasting hours on my computer trying to understand (and frequently failing) how to make my shots sparkle.

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Like any creative art, photography is easy to learn but difficult to master. Anyone can point and shoot, but if you want the best images you need to learn how to take them.

Part of this is in composition, the art of capturing something interesting through the lens. This is perhaps the most important element of photography (and far more important than buying expensive gear). The other part is technical knowledge, and involves understanding terms like exposure, white balance, and contrast.

While composition is about seeing , a technical understanding helps capture what you see. Adjusting technical settings in-camera while on a shoot can be fiddly, so a lot of photographers (including myself) shoot in RAW and refine images afterwards using software.

But most photography software forgets what makes a great picture: you, the person behind the lens. It either overwhelms beginners with a flood of features, or frustrates professionals with a lack of them. What if there was a way to support the beginner while also offering professionals the full range of features they need?

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Thankfully, there is one.

Skylum’s Luminar is the world’s first adaptive photography software. It’s the only editing suite to support your journey from beginner to professional, while still providing all the powerful tools an experienced photographer needs.

Loved by over 35 million customers, Skylum’s photography software has made professional editing affordable, easy, and fun. Does Luminar continue this trend? Absolutely.

So how does it work?

When you first boot up Luminar, it asks what level of control you want over your pictures. Depending on your experience, you can choose between presets and filters or a full suite of editing tools. As you learn each mode and try new things, you can progress to the more advanced modes, helping you master the technical aspects of photography much faster than competing packages.

If you’re a casual or mobile photographer and just want to add a bit more punch to your photos quickly and easily, start with the 67 presets, 45 filters, and various adjustable auto-enhancements.

Luminar - 14% OFF for you. PROMO CODE: SOFTONIC

Then, as your time and ability allow, play around with the advanced tools to get a more polished look. Finally, when you’re ready to delve into the detail, you can add all the profession tools you need for pure creative freedom.



When it comes to helping users while still producing awesome results, I think Luminar is miles ahead of Adobe. In fact, those of you familiar with Lightroom will find it an easy switch, and Luminar also works as a Lightroom plug-in, so if you need beautiful pictures in a hurry you can apply Luminar’s sophisticated enhancements in just a few clicks.

Luminar has everything you need for better photos, and at just $69, you’re getting premium features for a budget price. Even better, we’ve managed to secure a 14% OFF for you ($10) – just type the promotional code SOFTONIC during checkout .



You are responsible for great photos, but that doesn’t mean you must spend a fortune or waste hours learning complicated software. Download Luminar today and learn just how easy it is to become a better photographer.


January 08,2022

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