Talking about the Development of AI Speaker

We can find some latest data forecast results from some institutions. The global shipments of AI speakers will make a great development in 2021. The shipments will reach 163 million units. AI speakers will become the mainstream smart devices. We want to know the development space of AI speaker in the future. This article will make some analysis according to the data.

People regard AI speaker as the core central control platform of smart home. We can pay attention to the current market technology situation. AI speaker is a leader in the circulation system of smart home. There are AI speakers in the living space of users. Many AI speaker producers said that their systems would upgrade. The speaker will create a complete AI chain. The chain will provide convenience for users. Producers aim at making voice assistants. The voice assistant doesn’t limit to intelligent speakers. Producers want to make all kinds of products with voice interaction systems. There will be some other intelligent devices. They will have the product traits of the current intelligent speakers. There will be a complete set of intelligent interactive system. The system services without intelligent speakers in the future.

On the other hand, there are some brand manufacturers of AI speakers who have different ideas. They think that designers cannot limit the appearance of AI speakers. Judging from the old popular large-screen devices, large-screen devices are more popular with consumers. They believe one thing. The social environment of "one house, one screen" will come true. They are in order to realize the real intelligent interaction.

There is some research from some institution. The sales volume of smart speakers is increasing during the epidemic. They will affect the producers of various brands to reflect and summarize. Many mobile phone brands have begun to set foot in this product line. HONOR Mini Speaker is a good example. And intelligent speakers have some advantages. These advantages are natural language, intelligent search, etc. These are all the reasons why consumers prefer AI speakers.

AI speakers will show more high-quality traits. They will not disappear. In the future, AI speakers will become an obsolete one. AI interactive system provide with ideas and suggestions. AI technology will be smarter. No limitation will exist in voice interaction. We can see something new, such as visual interaction.


August 25,2021

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