The Rising Bluetooth Mouse

With the rapid development of science and technology, everything is being convenience, conciseness and efficiency. Various aspects can manifest this. The most outstanding one among electronic products is the mouse. It is an essential tool for office work.

In the survey of mouse market share, wireless mouse now occupies half of the whole mouse market. Dealers have reflected that, excluding the game mouse, the sales volume of the wireless mouse has been the same as that of the wired mouses. It’s even better. The wireless mouse is convenient to carry, practical and simple. These features make it the mainstream product in mouse market. However, the receiver of the wireless Mouse constant problem perplexing its users. It might be too big to carry, or too small to keep. Bluetooth Mouse is a solution. Bluetooth mouse avoid receiver loss in an easy way.

The development of wireless mouse has several stages: 27 M, 2.4 G, Bluetooth and 5G. So far, only 2.4 G and Bluetooth wireless mouse have developed to this day. But we all know that no method is perfect. Both wireless solutions have their own advantages and disadvantages under different usage environments and habits. What will be the one word proper describe them? Bluetooth is convenient, and 2.4 G is reliable.

Why is the Bluetooth mouse convenient? Because the Bluetooth mouse needs no receiver. Moreover, it is compatible with Apple, Android and Win systems. You can use it on PC, mobile phone and tablet PC. Then, why is the 2.4 G mouse reliable? Because the 2.4 G connection to the computer is stable. It has low delay, low power consumption and longer endurance. Its use feel is close to that of wired products. The 2.4 G technology is getting mature. However, because of the easy loss of its receiver, Bluetooth mouse domain the current mouse market. This is because the Bluetooth mouse solves the receiver problem in a perfect way. Meanwhile, it is highly compatible with various systems. Users can connect it to different systems.



November 12,2021

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