Types of watches

2. Choose diving watches to obtain water resistance. Diving watches are the most common and easily recognizable of modern watches. At first, diving watches were designed for deep sea diving. They have super durability. They are made of stainless steel or other hard materials. This kind of watches include a simple display screen, which is easy to operate. The watch is strong and practical.

People have estimated some diving watches. They can reach depths of 3,000 feet (910 m) underwater. If you are a diver, surfer, sailor, or often contact with water, diving watch is your best choice.

3. Wear pilot watches to obtain romantic and retro style. The pilot watch was invented for early pilots. Its dial is wide and has multiple dials, which can display hour and minute hands. Modern pilot watches may have GPS systems, altimeters and distress beacons. If you want to add some boldness and romance to your temperament, you can choose the pilot watch.

Pilot watches have large belts because they must initially be worn on heavy flight jackets. The pilot's watch has an internal hour dial and an external minute dial. In wartime, the crew needs to know the detailed number of minutes. This is more important than knowing the number of hours.

4. Digital watches. With digital watches, there are more customization options. Modern digital watches are cheap and durable. And has a display screen that is easy to read even in the dark. Digital watches are customizable. You can equip it with calendar, voice memo, compass, barometer and other functions. People can choose a variety of other functions. This kind of watch is fashionable. It can be integrated into various appearances and styles.

Electronic watches usually have durable batteries, which can be replaced as long as the batteries are used up.

5. Smart watches with technological advantages. Modern smart watches are not just accessories bound to smart phones. Today's smart watches can monitor your heart rhythm. They can notify the wearer of incoming calls and short messages. The watch have voice control. Their prices may vary depending on the manufacturer, model and functions.


November 23,2021

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