Will smart watches replace mobile phones?

The emergence and popularity of smart wearable devices have given some pressure and promotion to smart devices. In the years when smart wearable devices were just on the market, some people predicted that smart watches would replace smart phones. They would become the best-selling smart electronic devices in the future. People would have one hand and use it to travel and communicate. So, will smart watches really replace smart phones? This article will make a analysis from the following points and provide some small ideas.

First: Daily Communication
The latest smart watches do not need Bluetooth connection of mobile phones. Some esim smart watches can communicate with others. Mobile phones can realize online payment without themselves. You can use both Android and iOS systems. You can realize communication on social software. Smart watches can realize the link of daily communication.

Second: Software Support
Smart watches can support for independent networking and communication In order to achieve independent work, they need software support. Each brand has developed and designed its own complete system to support the software support. It gives room for the development of smart watches.

Third: Portability
Smart watches are easier to carry than smart phones. They are not easy to be stolen and lost, It increases the average usable time of smart watches. This advantage will provide consumers with more convenience in life. Imagine recording exercise data when running in the morning. It is more convenient to run with Magic Watch 2 in your hand than with your mobile phone.

Fourth: Screen Size
This is a major drawback of smart watches. Smart watches cannot make the screen of watches as large as mobile phones due to their natural disadvantages. It will reduce consumers' sense of use experience. However, no one knows the future development.
Fifth: Endurance
In terms of processing performance, smart phones surpass smart watches.It is due to the limitation of the size of smart watches. Smart watches have a extreme lack of support from upstream and downstream links. The small appearance of smart watches limits the size of their batteries. It will affect their endurance.

Finally, the concept of the Internet itself lies in interconnection, not substitution. Smart watches are not so much substitution of smart phones as extension of mobile phones. They will make consumers' daily life more convenient.


August 28,2021

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