Adding a mirror effect to your pictures online

An image editing software can be used to create a mirror image of a photo. The Paint application can also be used for the same purpose. Photoshop software also helps in creating a mirror image of a picture. The mirror image of a photograph can also be done without using such an application. It is simply required to go to the website www.MirrorEffecet and add a mirror image to a .jpeg file by clicking on 'Choose file' and uploading the image. It is then required to select the type of reflection followed by the alteration of the boundary width, if required. Finally by clicking the 'Upload now' button, the mirror image can be created.


Getting a mirror image of a picture, can easily be achieved, by using ab image editing software; basically Paint may do the stuff or you can try Photoshop. But is there an easiest way to achieve this (without using any application)?


The answer is Yes; for example you can easily add a mirror effect to a .jpeg file, via MirrorEffecet.

The manipulation is simple and free.

First go to this link

On the homepage click on the Choose file button and select the image to be loaded.

The next step is to choose the reflection type; in the example below we will use the default one "bottom"

You can adjust the boundary width and the reflection size or simply leave it as it is.

Finally click on the Upload Now Button.

It may take some time to process, depending on your internet connection and size of image.

When the image is displayed, simply right click on it and select the "save as" option to download it to your hard disk.

Note that: with this solution the image size will be determined by the size imposed by the website. Trying to enlarge the image may result in a loss of quality.

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