Adobe Illustrator, Introduction - Course

Demonstrate knowledge of basic project management concepts - Illustrator Video Tutorial

so let's take a look at what project management is and the people and steps involved in business projects. In the business world, a project is a collective effort by a group of people to achieve a specific goal. This goal needs to be clearly stated who works on it, how long it takes, how much money and other resources The goal can be to create a new product or service, This goal would be achieved and the project would be done A project takes place over a limited period of time, which is defined by the project's schedule. A project has a start date and an end date, there can be any number of milestones or smaller goals that need to be met in order for the project to continue. Projects are also defined by the allocated resources, like a budget, which tells how much money the project is supposed to cost. Next, let's look at the people who work on projects and their roles and responsibilities. The overall group of people who do the work on the project is called the project team. On…

Illustrator CC Beginner

About this Course:

Adobe Illustrator is often used alongside Adobe Photoshop and is a leading graphic designing tool used in the world of information technology. The remarkable features and functionalities of Adobe Illustrator allow the designers to develop vector graphics and resize images & graphics without adversely impacting the graphics quality. This course is designed to give enthusiastic graphic designers an overview of the basic tools and functionalities of Adobe Illustrator and help them learn the art of utilizing its maximum graphic functionalities.

This beginner-level 2 hours course is designed to introduce professionals and candidates with the basic concepts and features of Adobe Illustrator. The teachings of this course shed light on the concepts relating to color strokes and gradient, filters & effects, and basic shapes drawing. Through this course, students will get to understand the art of creatively using adobe illustrator tools to design and draw eye-catching and appealing graphics and images.

Professionals and students need to understand the full functionalities and capabilities of Illustrator basic tools and this surface knowledge helps significantly in drawing advanced graphics. Gaining proficiency in Adobe Illustrator CS5 allows graphic designers to design business cards, websites, flyers, logos, brochures, and other works of graphics and art.

Course Objectives:

The core objective of this course is to help professionals gain a better understanding and sound knowledge of the following key concepts:

Gradient and Color Strokes

Illustrator Effects and Filters

Basic Shapes Drawing


This course is specifically tailored for beginner-level graphic designers and students striving to pursue a career in the niche of graphic designing.


There are no prerequisites for Illustrator CC Beginner Course.

Adobe Illustrator, Introduction - Course

Illustrator's vector-based, small graphic format makes it a must for print and Web graphics. This hands-on course introduces the essential features and tools of Adobe Illustrator. Students develop basic competency in the use of this complex software, with emphasis on the Pen tool.

Learning Outcomes

Understand Adobe Illustrator

Select and align objects

Create an illustration with the drawing tools

Organize your artwork with layers

Customize objects and basic shapes

At the conclusion of the course, you should be able to

Topics Include

Using the Pen tool to draw curved, corner and cusp points

Using templates

Selection techniques


Color swatches

Transformation tools

Moving dialog boxes

Painting objects

Gradients and blends

Gradient Mesh tool


Type basics: point, area, path

Patterns and brushes

Compound paths, masks

Necessary Knowledge

To be successful in this class all students should have working knowledge of Google Workspace or Microsoft Office, proper email etiquette, and an essential understanding of Canvas.

Working familiarity with the Mac and/or Windows operating system including the fundamentals of file management and navigation.

Additional Information

Please review section notes to view the full schedule.At this time, students will be required to purchase Adobe Creative Suite individually for this course. Adobe Creative Cloud offers a discount for Students. Your tuition bill is considered proof of enrollment and can be used as your proof of eligibility to receive the student discount. If you have any questions, please let us know so we can assist you.

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