Agfa Scanner Drivers for Mac OS 10.6

Agfa Scanner Drivers for Mac OS 10.6



I just make the system update on my iMac (Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard) and I encounter many problems with my scanner driver (AGFA SnapScan e50). It is no longer recognized. Here is the error message I encounter in launching ScanWise (pilot): "ScanWise not find the current ColorSync system profile. Please recalibrate your monitor or select a different system profile in the ColorSync control panel."

If anyone can enlighten me ... I'm interested, thank you in advance!


I'm tempted by the solution proposed by vpcellier, even if only to ensure that the method can be useful or not. I downloaded the 4 installation files necessary for the successful implementation of Twain Sane. If we carry out the procedure in the correct order (1-libusb, sane-backends-2, 3-sane-preference-pane and 4-twain-sane-interface), then found a "preference panel" in System Preferences called "Sane" which gives access to some practical hardware settings (access to a library of models of scanners as long as my arm!) and some small adjustments. The scanner can then be accessed via the software "image transfer" Apple even ... directly in Photoshop! Overall the interface is Spartan but effective is obtained directly what you want. there remains, after the image is acquired, that any alterations to proceed on Photoshop (or if you do not, your image editing software preferred).

In conclusion, I was afraid of dealing with a "fake" solution, but it proved effective, my e50 Snapscan was immediately recognized and works fine. Note that I'm on a MacPro with Snow Leopard 10.6.2.

Less sharp than in settings other charged (I think this software that I advised earlier, a few months ago) Twain Sane has the advantage of allowing the scanner to prolong its life and not pay a penny before it is actually necessary.

I therefore advise those who want to go to an economical, simple and effective, even if it lacks the sharp things that teachers are fond of the image. Thank you to vpcellier and have managed stir my curiosity.


Solved by Gusgrissom

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