Benchmark: Photo Editing Software

We have selected and compared the features some photo editing software to help you choose the best one, based on your specific needs or use:

Processing a large number of photos or making an advanced use?

Using the basic functions or creative effects?

Target: general public

To begin with Photoshop at a basic level. A lighter and easier to use version of Photoshop and Photoshop CS. **Photoshop Elements is nonetheless comprehensive and can be also for quick modifications.

Ergonomics Very easy to use and intuitive, Photoshop Elements has really been designed for individuals who wish to make quick and easy modifications.

Features: Special effects Photoshop offers a comprehensive range of effects and filters: sharpen, blur, noise, attenuation, artistic effects, filters, distortion, pixelation, textures, etc..Features are prerecorded, the anti-red-eye or resizing photos without distortion

Targets: for pros and amateurs Photoshop CS has designed for professionals and amateurs.

Ergonomics: an adaptation period is required This software requires an adaptation period, due to the numerous options available.

Features: Extended with plug-ins: Besides being a complete software, the use Photoshop CS3 can be extended with plug-ins. Layers: Photoshop CS3 can work with layers superimposed on the base image. Each layer be can edited, moved, distorted independently of other layers. Layers keep your original image intact and provide great freedom for modification and testing. Photoshop CS3 support most formats: PSD, BMP, GIF, EPS, JPEG, PCX, PDF, RAW, PICT, PNG, Targa, TIFF.

PhotoFiltre is a free image editing software: It is less complete than Photoshop, but includes all the required features of a good photo editor.

Targets: for pros and amateurs

Ergonomics PhotoFiltre is very intuitive thanks to its easy to use and simplistic menus.

Features: more filters! More than 100 filters are available for this software: mist, soft focus, motion blur, fragmented style water-colour or pastel,...and more. PhotoFiltre allows management transparency and support most image formats

Photoshop lightroom 2 was developed for professional photographers who need to manage a large amount of photos.

Target: Only for professionals Photoshop Lightroom 2 is not specifically designed for the edition of photos, it is more focused on the management of large volumes of files. It is complementary to that Photoshop CS3.

Usability: Advanced functionality and intuitiveness of this software are great!

Features: development and organization

Besides the traditional organization, presentation, improved framing and color features, Photoshop Lightroom 2 has other exciting features:

A localized editing tool to edit accurately specific areas

It support multiple monitors to expand your workspace

The organization of photo albums can be done according to several criteria: the date, the device used, interest, etc..

It is also possible to synchronize a group of images, to apply settings in batches

Direct upload on Flickr.

Protect your photos with a watermark.

Export slideshows to video format (H.264) with background music

Convenient and accessible to all, for a quick photo retouching!

Target: for all type of users! It has good ergonomics, which facilitate its grip

Usability: "ready to use" Faster and lighter than Photoshop CS, Xtreme Photo & Graphic Designer 5 is also more intuitive.


The killer feature of this software is the intelligent resizing: it is possible to resize a photo horizontally or vertically any upleasant distortion, for example to expand the background of a photo without increasing the size of the items in the foreground.

Other features of this software:

Removal of unwanted objects in the photo (poles, air conditioning, etc.).

Correction of color temperature: to change, optimize the overall impression of the picture.

Tool for clipping

With this software, you can also integrate images, 3D graphs or charts to present your visual content in an interactive way.

Tools for retouching portraits: red-eye correction, modification of facial expressions, erase wrinkles and more..

Systematic and automatic backup of the original picture.

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