Connect Xbox One Controller To Series X/S

If you are lucky enough to have been able to get your hands on either the Xbox Series X or the Xbox Series S, then you may be wondering if it is possible to pair your previous generation’s, Xbox One controller, or the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller to your new console. In this article we will show you how to connect your Xbox One controller to the Xbox Series X, and also how you can connect the Xbox Series X controller to your previous generation of consoles.

How to Connect Xbox One Controller to Xbox Series X / S

Thanks to Xbox’s backwards compatibility, connecting an Xbox One controller to the Xbox Series X or S is the same process as connecting one of the new Xbox Series X/S controllers.

Simply turn on Xbox Series X or Series S with the power button, and then turn on your controller using the Xbox button. The Xbox button will start to flash on the controller (and also on the console) meaning that it is not currently connected to any console, and vice versa.

To pair the controller and the Xbox console, press the sync button on both devices. On the Xbox Series X the sync button is found on the front right, just above the USB port. The Xbox Series S’s sync button is on the front left, to the right of the USB port. On the controller, the sync button is just above the USB port. You have around 20 seconds to press both sync buttons - if you were unable to do so, press both buttons again.

Once a connection has been made the Xbox button on both the controller and console will remain stable and no longer flash.

If you prefer to connect via the USB cable you can do. Simply connect the controller to the Xbox via the USB cable and allow the two devices to synchronize.

How to Connect Xbox Series X / S Controller to Xbox One

Why would you want to use an Xbox Series X controller on your previous generation of console? If you are like most people, you have most likely still not been able to get your hands on the Xbox Series X or Series S. You can however still purchase an Xbox Series X controller to replace your old controller. You can benefit from the ergonomic design, the additional textured grips on the triggers and controller body, and the inclusion of a share button.

There are two ways of connecting an Xbox Series X / S controller to an Xbox One, either wirelessly or with a wired connection. The process is virtually identically to that of the new consoles, except for the placement of the sync buttons.


Turn on your Xbox One by pressing the Xbox button on the console (you won’t be able to turn it on via the new remote just yet as they are not currently synced).

Turn on your controller by holding the Xbox button. It will flash as soon as it is ready to sync with your console.

Press and release the sync button on your console. On the Xbox One X and Xbox One S, there is a button underneath the power button with this function. On the original Xbox One it can be found on the left side, by the disc drive.

Once you have pressed the sync button on your console, press and hold the sync button on your controller. The Xbox button will flash a few more times and will stop flashing once the connection has been made.

As this is the first time connecting your new Xbox Series X/S controller to the Xbox One, you will be prompted to perform a controller update before you can start using it.


To connect an Xbox Series X/S controller to your Xbox with a wired connection, plug in the USB into your controller, and then into the USB port on your Xbox One. The Xbox should find the controller once they are connected. Now hold the Xbox button on the controller to sync them. Once complete, you can disconnect the controller and use it wirelessly.

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