Freeradius / openLDAP

Freeradius / openLDAP


I installed LDAP on Ubuntu 9.10 machine and then I wanted to put an authentication server freeradius combined with ldap. I followed some tutorial on the config freeradius-ldap, but all ends as follows:

when I run "freeradius-X", I get this at the end:

/ Etc / freeradius / users [70]: Parse error (check) for entry DEFAULT: Unknown attribute value for LDAP Auth-Type Errors reading / etc / freeradius / users / etc / freeradius / modules / files [7]: Instantiation failed for module "files" / etc / freeradius / sites-enabled / inner-tunnel [111]: Failed to find module "files". / etc / freeradius / sites-enabled / inner-tunnel [34]: Errors parsing Authorize section

I goggled well but I cannot find anywhere solution to this problem. I count on this forum to help me!


I'll give some hints for those who galley on the same problem:

1-radiusdonf looking on google

2-made a backup of the original radiusdonf just in case!

3-replace the contents of your radiusdonf radiusdonf with that found on google

4-there will be errors path need only be solved by any exact way (it depends on OS): for this, we replace the values of variables in radiusdonf by paths exact

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