HONOR Sport Bluetooth Earphones Give You the Best Cost Performance

Major mobile phone producers canceled the earphone interface without much thinking. Bluetooth Earphones can compete with wired headphones at this time. Bluetooth Earphones were the foil of wired Earphones. Bluetooth Earphones have no advantages on price and sound quality.

Bluetooth Earphones are doing better with developing technology. The sound quality cannot be as perfect as wired headphones. It is close to perfection. Numerous businesses have entered the Bluetooth Earphones market. Bluetooth Earphones become more and more cost-effective. Sports Earphones have different vitality. They once were unpopular category. It is a wonderful thing to have a good pair of Earphones when exercising.

HONOR Bluetooth Sports Earphones were born in this big environment. They are different from ordinary Bluetooth Earphones. Sports Bluetooth Earphones require stability and waterproof performance. No one likes to drop Earphones while running. Or damage the headphones due to sweat.

HONOR Bluetooth Earphones are only about 20g. It adopts a neck-hanging design. The design makes the Earphones feel comfortable and natural to wear. It will not have a great impact on exercise. There is no need to worry about the loss of headphones. The Earphones adopt a magnetic attraction design. It is convenient to store and can hang up the phone and suspending music.

The earmuff of HONOR Sports Bluetooth Earphones adopts the shape of shark fin. It is very comfortable to hear and has no obvious discomfort for a long time. The symmetrical design on both sides keep the balance when running. The semi-in-ear design allows users to hear external sounds. You can hear the horn of the car when exercise outside.

HONOR sports Bluetooth Earphones use 11 mm large-size moving coil unit and micron-sized composite diaphragm. So, it has great sound quality. On the bass, it has strong expressive force. The drum beat of Hip-Pop music is obvious. It is a surging momentum that strikes at the heart. High-frequency human voices have a good degree of separation and distinct levels.

The battery life lasts for up to 11 hours. You don't have to worry about no power out. Bluetooth Earphones have long endurance. Good waterproof performance makes it fearless of sweat entering the earphone. Sudden rainstorm will be no damage to Earphones.


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