How do I set pages in the right order for a perfect bound book in Indesign?

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With the lack of bleed there is an increase chance your printer may incorrectly set up or have to alter you design so that it can be bound with little error.

There is debate that it is the Printer’s job to make sure that the book prints properly – we agree 100%, but we believe this document set-up solution is a great way to get the spread look that “Facing Pages” offers while providing your printer with the bleeds they need to produce the book correctly.

1. Create a new document.

> TURN FACING PAGES OFF (This is the most important part of this entire tutorial! If this is on, then you will not be able to add bleed between pages.)

> Create a Bleed of .125 in (This is what most binderies need to create a “Grind Off”)

I want to make a perfect bound book


2 business day turnaround for all book binding, bulk orders (more than 5 books) 5 business day turnaround. NO rush orders on books/booklets.

Make an appointment with us to discuss your project!

1. Create main body (interior/guts) file

a. interior file(s) must be laid out in InDesign, as facing pages, with a bleed included in document (use our template for guidance)

b. page ranges of differing sizes, paper types, from main body must be in separate files

c. include a mock-up (physical copy or sketch/diagram of your final layout)

d. package your InDesign file(s)

2. Create cover file (use our template for guidance)

a. Wraparound cover - for perfect binding, and some wire binding styles

b. Separate covers - for wire binding or saddle-stitch binding

3. Fill out the Book Binding order form to completion (Use Adobe Acrobat) , include as much detail as possible

4. Email completed order from, with all attachments, to

*5. Optional: drop off other materials for binding

- preprinted pages (from self serve printing or otherwise)

- blank paper/scrap paper/filler

- alternative approved materials

How do I set pages in the right order for a perfect bound book in Indesign?

2 documents.

1st is the front and back covers.

2nd document is the 56 pages of the booklet I want to create.

I would like to print these pages and perfectly bind the book by hand. Is there a way to set the pages in the correct order in Indesign? I have been told that I would need to create signatures and that these will go inside the book. How do I tell Indesign to make these signatures in the correct order?

from what I have read here: How do I print my book using Indesign cs6 and have the pages come out in the right order?

This person is trying to do the same and 2-up Perfect Bound does not work.

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