How to Choose A Notebook

Notebooks have become the best choice for students and office workers. They have their own screen, keyboard, battery and other advantages.
At present, notebooks on the market can be divided into two categories. One is a light notebook that is portable for office work. It has small volume and light weight. You can carry it everywhere. There is a gaming notebook. It has strong performance, heavier weight and larger volume.

People in various industries have different needs. Manufacturers have derived many kinds of notebooks. Some pay attention to appearance. Some pay attention to thinness. Others pay attention to endurance, and some pay attention to performance. So there are so many types of notebooks. These are some tips when selecting notebooks.

One must first think about one's core needs. If you use it to process daily office work and watch TV series, the mainstream light notebook is completely enough. If you are a user of digital media or often play large games, then gaming notebook with strong performance are your only choice.
Computer parameters are important. We must pay attention to the most mainstream parameters. They include screen, CPU, display card, memory and hard disk.

The most important thing for the screen is the color gamut. higher color gamut provides more gorgeous and rich color of the object. The screen with low color gamut is weak in color performance. If two very similar colors are displayed simultaneously on the screen with low color gamut, it takes time to distinguish. The eyes will feel uncomfortable. Screen with high color gamut does not have such problems.

CPU is the soul of the computer. It determines the running speed of the computer. The most common one on the market is Intel's. Under the same generation of CPU, i9 > i7 > i5 > i3. If you only deal with text or easy work, I3 and I5 are your best choices. The price is quite tempting. If you are a technician or a gamer who pursues extreme experience, then I7 and I9 are your only choices. The price will be higher.

Display cards and memory are important parameters of notebooks. If you pay attention to office work, the CPU's own display card is enough. The standard 4-generation 8G running memory is enough. If you pay attention to media design and games, you can use the display card above Nvidia 10 series. For AMD, it is recommended that more than 500 series. Operating memory should be at least 4 generations and 16G. You can choose 5 generations with sufficient budget.
Two kinds of hard disks are available. They are solid state and mechanical. For computers with the same configuration, solid state disk can improve the startup speed and software running speed. Solid state disk is better. Mechanical disks is only proper for data storage.

The appearance and size of the notebook are important. Notebooks on the market are beautiful. Light notebooks are the best choice. Most of the game performance books are still heavy. In order to improve the performance, the manufacturers have plenty of materials. It depends on yourself which style you like.

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