How to remove Khatra.exe virus?

With the advent of modern day computing and scripting, virus attacks have become more common these days. One such virus is khatrae which keeps creating multiple folders. If the computer is afflicted with this malware, then the user will also be unable to access Task Manger and Control Panel. To solve this problem one needs to remove any restrictions from the registry. After that, the user has to use the Regrun reanimator tool and scan all the hard drives. If khatrae is found, it is imperative that autoplay function for USB should be disabled for Autoplay function.


My PC has been infected by a strange virus which is creating multiple folders.

I'm unable to access Task Manager and Control Panel.


I finally solved Khatrae, Ghose & Xplorere viruses on my system from scratch (nothing remains of them now).

1) If there are any restrictions to the Control Panel, Registry, Task Manager etc, use any free restriction removal tool ( RRT )

2) Download free version of Regrun reanimator tool from Greatis software: https://www.greatiom/security/reanimator.html

3) Install and run this software

4) Scan all your hard drives. This will detect all the above viruses and you can select 'Get it out' option to remove each one of them. This will also run during your startup and stop all detected viruses during your next boot.

5) Disable Autoplay for USB storage devices. Follow procedure for different versions of Windows operating system as mentioned at https://www.lifewireom/disable-autorun-on-a-pc-153344

6) Final step: After completing all of the above, enable 'show all hidden files..' option in Windows Explorer view menu and search all your hard drive files and folders for e' and delete only 'e' folders


Thanks to GMurthy for this tip on the forum.

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