How To Resize Multiple Images at Once

This quick tutorial will walk you through how to quickly crop or edit multiple pictures at once using various online tools. This process of resizing multiple photos at once is also known as a batch resize.

How To Batch Resize Images

Download and install Light Image Resizer onto your computer. Installation of the software will require about 25 MB of storage space.

Once installed, launch the program. A window will appear, prompting you to select the images that you'd like to resize. You can use your [CTRL] key to select several photos:

The next screen will prompt you to input all of your image preferences. Begin by dictating the desired size and resolution for your images.

Use the options located in the Action menu (located at the bottom of the window) to specify if you'd like your images to be copied (leaving your original images untouched) or completely edited.

The Destination menu will allow you to select a location for your edited photos.

Finally, the More options tab will allow you to select your desired file extension, add a border, or even add watermarks to your images. Click on any of the options to define your settings.

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