Is Smart Speaker a Privacy Thief

The Internet develops fast. The technology develops rapidly. More and more intelligent devices appear in our daily life. This includes smart phones and smart bracelet watches. Various technology giants values smart speakers now.

Some functions of intelligent speakers are not standardized. So their competition is fierce. Their prices are getting lower and lower. Their contents are richer. Their functions are becoming more intelligent. Intelligent speakers have become popular. Smart speakers have faced the same problems as smart phones faced at the beginning. Some consumers believe that the development of high technologies is not good. They think the influx of electronic equipment into daily life is not good. They suspect that it will become thieves of our privacy. Is this the case?

Like mobile phones, smart speakers have to record some questions of users. Because their voice interaction is particular. This is a basis for consumer preference services. This is an important part of intelligent speakers. The merchant server will store the users' data information. That explains why consumers worries about their personal privacy. Because there is such a risk. Will this smart device record our privacy?

In December 2018, an e-commerce platform monitoring accident occurred in the United States. When the news broke, some people raised some questions. Whether smart speakers were collecting our data? Will it violates our privacy?

Some news media have raised questions about major brands. They have given a clear reply. They will not include or upload user information without permission. They have considered this issue. It was during the trial operation. They have made some experiments to ensure it. They will encipher uplink data through SSL. The third party cannot get the information.

In addition, most current intelligent speakers use data desensitization methods. Although the methods are different. It is to hide some basic information of users. It can transform the data into structured data. That is the main purpose of analysis.

The user's private data information and preference setting cannot run together. Users love those intelligent devices knowing the user's personality. But this means that they collect more users information. The protection of user privacy will follow. Not only the government and various producers need to control it. This is a matter that users need to pay attention to.

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