Is the smart speaker useless or a necessity?

Intelligent devices come out, use and update at a speed that people could not imagine. A new intelligent device will be declared dead in less than a year. Or it may become an important artifact in human life in the next few decades. Smart speakers came out a few years. Users and experts have different opinions on this intelligent device. So, is the smart speaker useless or a necessity for future life?


In fact, users follow the trend of purchasing smart speakers. They have buy one before they know what smart speakers are. The functions of smart speakers have different emphases from brand to brand. Different series of target users of the same brand are different. Take HUAWEI for example. Its HONOR Mini Speaker is aimed at young users. Sound series aims to make more skillful sound equipment. Consumers can choose and purchase smart speakers through the performance they care more about. It not only has the traits of traditional speakers. It has the trait of smart. Its smart voice system can interact with users, thus realizing the functions of searching and querying, purchasing goods and controlling equipment.


Many users think that smart speakers are useless. What's the use of a smart speaker? The smart speaker has made obvious progress in recent years. Its smart voice system has been improved. The voice has changed from mechanical voice to all kinds of real voice. It solve some answerable questions encountered by consumers in their daily life. It can provide users with valuable information and data. Smart speakers can give some companionship and become the emotional sustenance of users.

We have not realize the Internet interaction. We have not make a complete set of smart home system. The obvious advantages of smart speakers cannot be reflected. It is impossible to say that smart speaker is a necessity. Judging from the development trend of science and technology, smart speakers will not be the eliminated smart devices.


To sum up, the situation of smart speakers is also in an awkward period. It is not useless, We can not determine Its necessity. It all depends on the future science and technology.

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