Multi-screen Interconnected Black Technology

Android phones connect to PC by data cable. Whether it is Windows system or Mac system, the experience of data transmission is bad. HONOR Magicbook brought Magic-Link smart interconnection function. The connection between mobile phone and computer has become simple. When it comes to MagicBook Pro 2020, it brings the "multi-screen collaboration" function. It subverts the traditional transmission mode of document, picture and video sharing. The touch between the mobile phone and the PC can transfer pictures, videos and Microsoft Office documents. This makes it easy to transfer between the mobile phone and the laptop. After the HONOR mobile phone turns on the NFC function, it can contact the label area on the C side. This is to complete identification and pairing. After completion, HONOR MagicBook Pro 2020 can connect with the mobile phone. This is through multi-screen coordination function.

In the state of intelligent interconnection, the pictures on the phone will be showed in a small window. So users can view the pictures, videos and documents in the phone on the computer. In addition, users can use the keyboard and mouse of the computer as peripherals. This is to edit pictures, videos and documents. On the upper end of the computer, you can open the mobile phone APP. You can consult and copy data. The experience of the whole process is fluent. It is natural and efficient.

For mobile phones and computers to transfer files, we can drag and drop to transmit. We can realize cross-device sharing of files without data lines or social software. The speed is efficient. This is faster than using data lines to transfer files.

HONOR Magicbook Pro can answer and make phone calls. You can communicate with each other without picking up your mobile phone. Other people's computer is just a computer. Your computer can answer and make phone calls.

HONOR Magicbook Pro has the multi-screen collaboration function. It breaks through the barriers of Windows and Android systems. So the interconnection between mobile phones and PC is not limited to file transfer. This function is not bound by cables. It can realize the functions of transferring files, sharing clipboards. It can cooperate with the same screen without the network.

The interconnection between HONOR Magicbook Pro and mobile phones is not only the transmission of data. It is the use of its powerful computing power and professional system power. This is to integrate PC and mobile phones into distributed systems. This is to open up the relationship between Windows and Android from the bottom. It can realize seamless cooperation between PC and mobile phones. When users are working, they do not need to operate the mobile phone. They can open the mobile phone APP on the desktop of the notebook. They can reply messages, answer videos and voices on the mobile phone. The users can update social software and the like at any time. The consumers can transmit the data in the mobile phone to the computer. They can work efficiently by focusing on one screen. The experience is efficient. Don't you want to try it?


November 11,2021

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