Outlook - Sharing your Calendar

You can share your Outlook calendar in three different ways:

Via Email

With Microsoft Exchange Server accounts,

Publish your calendar online

By email

Calendars shared by email arrive in the recipient's inbox as attachments with a snapshot of calendar as message body. You can edit the snapshot before sending it

(change fonts or highlight specific daytc).

To send a calendar by e-mail, follow these steps:

Go the the Calendar section > Share Tab > Email Calendar

Configure your settings in the "Send a Calendar via E-mail" dialog,.

Click on OK and Outlook will generate the mail.

A user who receives the calendar by mail may choose to open snapshot directly via Outlook.

Using a Microsoft Exchange account

Microsoft Exchange Server allows you to share calendars with other users via an Exchange account. Your calendars can only be viewed by those to whom you have granted permissions.

After accessing a shared calendar for the first time, the latter is added to the Shared Calendars in the Navigation Pane and can be accessed at any moment.

Follow these steps to share your calendar with another Exchange user:

Go the the Calendar section > Share Tab > Share Calendar

Select the calendar of your choice and enter the name of the person with whom you want to share the calendar in the appropriate field.

The recipient receives an email notification indicating that you have shared your calendar.

Publishing your calendar online

You can publish your Outlook calendar online:

Go the the Calendar section > Share Tab > Publish Online.

Select the appropriate service and follow the instructions:

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