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How To Get Perfect Bind Catalogs with AxiomPrint

Perfect binding catalogs or books is a popular printing method due to its affordability and high quality. The pages are glued to a cardstock cover using a strong, thermal adhesive, which creates the squared-off spine you are accustomed to seeing.

Perfect bound catalogs are great for any page count over 28 pages. Perfect binding your book or catalog will create a more polished and professional product at an affordable price, in comparison to expensive hardcover printing.

Depending on page count and thickness, you can print a title, author name, or nice design on the spine.

When deciding between a perfect bound catalog or a saddle stitch catalog, ask yourself the following questions:

How many pages do I need printed? Who is my content for, in terms of target audience? Is this a short-lived project or do you want this product to last? How will you distribute your catalog? How many catalogs do you need?

If you can’t decide, our team of experienced professionals will give you a recommendation based on their years of experience.

Below are our top five reasons to use perfect binding:

Paperback Books (fiction, textbooks, cookbooks, etc.) Manuals Travel Guides Thicker Magazines Directories

Perfect bound books are cheaper to produce than hardcover books, and the strong, durable square spine allows for printing on it. The low production costs make perfect binding appealing for short-run print projects.

Located in Los Angeles County, Axiom Print offers an affordable and easy way to create perfect bound catalogs along with wire-o binding and spiral binding that will convey the RIGHT message to your customers in an easy-to-manage way.

Here’s how to get started with perfect binding:

You can upload your own design for your perfect bound catalogs .


You can work with our talented team of designers to create a custom design that demonstrates your brand and industry creatively for an added fee.

Get started today by filling out the sidebar on the right side of this page.

If you’d rather email or call us because you have a custom request, that’s fine too! Our professional experts will handle your printing job to ensure your needs and timeline are met.

Make a great first impression by ordering from our Los Angeles perfect bound catalog printing company TODAY.

Design Considerations for Perfect Bound Books

Design Considerations for Perfect Bound Books

Perfect bound books usually have more pages than their saddle-stitched counterparts. The cover includes a flat spine that is wide enough to accommodate all the pages of the book. When the bindery binds the book, they grind off the binding edge of the pages, roughening it up a little, so that the glue will adhere the pages to the spine. As a designer, you don’t need to worry about the grind-off, it is just the same as the area of the inner bleed.

When designing a perfect bound book, remember that imagery close to the spine may get lost in the gutter. If you have art too close to the inner edge, the viewer may crack the spine to see it, and you wouldn’t want that, because then there is a risk of pages coming loose from the binding.

A couple things to consider when designing a perfect bound book:

It’s best to avoid having imagery cross over the fold because of the way the binding “folds” leaving an area that is hard to see.

If you do have a cross-over, make sure that no important parts of the imagery are too close to the fold.

Keep text at least ½” from the inner edge of the pages.

If you do use an image on cross-over, duplicate the image, put one side of the image on each page and nudge them out just a little, no more than 1/8”, to visually get the image to balance.

If you have questions about how to do any this, don’t hesitate to call us at 727-572-9999 for more instructions.

Softcover Perfect Bound Books


The superior colour reproduction and lightweight nature of our perfect bound softcover books make them perfect for self publishing, exhibition catalogues, giveaway portfolios and mailable promotions.The all female Australian photography collective, Lumina, created a series of nine softcover books to promote their work and distribute their imagery to agencies, picture editors, and their fans.Eight softcover books feature the work of each individual artist with a biography and curated selection of images, and the ninth showcases a collection of the groups work, their philosophy and achievements.For more details visit Self Publish Self Promotion pages. Contact our service team with any design queries.

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