Tips for Buying Smart Bands

More and more people like to wear smart bands. Smart bands on the market have the characteristics of high cost performance and full functions. Such as HONOR bands 5. If you want to buy band 5, what should you pay attention to?

Before buying, you need to know how much your budget is.

You need to consider functions you want to realize. The current bands will lay particular stress on the three major functions of sports, health and life. It depends on which aspect of your needs are biased. Because different smart bands have different main functional directions, some focus on sports and some on health. You should choose according to your needs.

The endurance of the band is important. After all, if a band that needs to be recharged every day is uncomfortable to use.

At present, the endurance of mainstream bands is 7-14 days. The excellent bands can last more than 20 days. This depends on whether more power-consuming functions, such as heart rate detection, GPS and other functions, are turned on.

Health smart bands will realize the following functions. Such as heart rate detection. It can detect static heart rate or dynamic heart rate during exercise. Dynamic heart rate detection accuracy during exercise will be higher. This function is useful for people who want to lose weight. Weight loss requires more aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise has a target heart rate range. When this range is reached, the exercise effect will be better. HONOR band 5 can strengthen or reduce the exercise intensity according to the heart rate. It can achieve better exercise effect.

Sleep detection: on the basis of heart rate detection, combined with algorithms to analyze the sleep structure. It can detect awake, light sleep and deep sleep. Higher-end band can detect more states, providing a variety of personalized solutions;

Blood oxygen detection: measure blood oxygen saturation SpO2 and detect blood oxygen value at any time;

Blood pressure monitoring: detect blood pressure values at any time.

Diet control: full-automatic tracking of diet intake is helpful to lose weight.

Sedentary reminder: set the reminder frequency to avoid sedentary sitting. It is a useful small function for many working personnel who need to use computers to work. Sedentary sitting is harmful to cervical spine, waist and back. A small sedentary reminder can avoid the harm of sedentary sitting.

Sports smart bands will realize the following functions. Such as basic exercise data recording: one of the most basic functions of the smart band. The other is to look at the time. It includes step counting, distance and heat consumption calculation. It can help people who need to lose weight, recording the heat consumed by walking or exercise. It can calculate whether the target of heat gap is reached every day;

Recognition of multiple sports patterns: the number of sports patterns that can be recognized by different grades of bands is different. The entry-level bands may only recognize running. The higher-level bands can recognize more than 10 kinds of sports. Such as indoor and outdoor running, riding, swimming, bands, rowing machines, elliptical machines, etc.

Swimming stroke identification: Automatic identification of the main four swimming strokes (freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly and backstroke). This function is useful for people who exercise through swimming, identifying different swimming strokes and recording the exercise conditions of different swimming strokes.

Waterproof function: The waterproof function of many mainstream bands can be worn when washing and bathing. Swimming with it is ok.

Smart bands that are biased towards life will realize the following functions. Such as checking the time: one of the most basic functions of smart bands. But if matched with cool and beautiful dial design, it is not comparable to ordinary electronic watches;

Alarm clock: You can set multiple alarm clocks according to different things to remind yourself.

Message reminder: It is about incoming call reminder or rejection of incoming call, WeChat reminder and SMS reminder.

Music playing: supports the control of mobile phone music playing, cooperates with mobile phone use, and controls music switching tracks and volume settings;

Find a mobile phone: In the Bluetooth connection state, the touch screen clicks on the band to find the mobile phone. The mobile phone will ring, which is convenient to use when you forget where to put the mobile phone at home.

Remote control photo: selfie photo is done with one click.


November 18,2021

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