What To Do if You Didn't Receive CCM's Confirmation Email

In case you did not receive the email from CCM confirming the creation of your account, don't worry.

This walkthrough will show you how to gain access to your account. Sometimes, email providers wrongly consider emails from CCM, including any confirmation emails, as spam. Therefore, the service moves the message to the Junk folder and, sometimes, may delete it altogether.

To remedy this, you must whitelist ccmet domains, ccmom, and ccmrg. Otherwise, you may temporarily disable the anti-spam feature on your email account for long enough to receive the confirmation message.

If neither of these solutions work for you and you are using an AOL email account, you may need to connect to CCM using an email address with a different email provider. Otherwise, try resending the email.

Image: © johavel - Shutterstockom

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