Why Can't Mobile Phones Make Full Screen

If you go to an offline store to buy a phone, the clerk will recommend you to buy a full-screen mobile phone. If you want to buy a key-press mobile phone, the clerk will say that you are out. The arrival of the full screen era has become a new trend in the entire industry. Our mobile phone has also been upgraded from a small screen to full screen. Do you know the advantages of full screen?

Ergonomically speaking, The size of 18 to 9 is perfect for one-handed grip. The ratio of the length and width of the mobile phone is 2 to 1, it is more conducive to the split screen function. When running the two APP models, the proportion can be just right. It doesn't look uncomfortable, and it can work well in life and work. What's more, the full-screen mobile phone has a better grip. The size of the 6-inch full-screen is almost the same as the 5.5-inch ordinary mobile phone. The visual experience brought by the high proportion of the full-screen mobile phone injects more vitality into market. Full screen can bring higher screen density. The 564PPI makes the screen look more delicate.

You must have doubts about a full screen. When the real machine comes to hand, it is a special-shaped screen or a water drop screen. It is difficult to buy a full screen. And the thick bottom border is conspicuous. Why do businesses promote full screens cannot do the "real" full screen in consumers' hearts?

The hardest part of the full screen is the integration of the screen. Front earpiece, camera, fingerprint identification, etc. All these need the whole industrial chain to push forward at the same time. The full screen tests the design of various manufacturers in the mobile phone terminals. After all, the screen takes up a large amount of space. The internal design is compact. The design and size of various components are important. This is why some businesses like to reduce the battery content.

The arrival of full screen has had a great impact on the entire industry chain. When designing a full-screen mobile phone, It faces corresponding technical challenges in design. Such as the front panel, camera, earpiece, antenna design, software UI, fingerprint identification, process design, optical distance sensor and other aspects. Only by solving these problems can be a full-screen mobile phone.

The full screen involves the problem of special-shaped cutting. In order to further increase the proportion of mobile phone screens. Mobile phone manufacturers will require the design of mobile phones to be close to all sides. But most mobile phones on the market are round corners. Some columns of components such as earphones and front cameras occupy screen positions. These positions will involve the problem of special-shaped cutting. Special-shaped cutting will increase the difficulty of glass cutting and the cost.

In fact, the idea of unlocking the screen fingerprint has long been put forward. But there are many technical difficulties to achieve this function.

It will take some time for the arrival of the "true full screen". When our technology matures, businesses will break through the technical difficulty of the "true full screen". Let's wait and see.


November 15,2021

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