Will Intelligent Speakers Replace Traditional Speakers

Intelligent speakers sells well as an electronic product. Various producers try intelligent speakers. They launch various products. The intelligent devices will affect the trend. This affects the development of traditional devices. So do intelligent speakers. Will it replace traditional speakers? We compare from the following points.

First: Basic Properties

You must know its basic properties. This is playing music. Other properties include fluency and sound quality. It includes basic parameters of operation. Intelligent speaker can play music. There are various intelligent indicators. Such as the "intelligence" and voice interaction. In this aspect, they are better than traditional speakers.


Second: User Experience

The reasons for purchasing speakers are different. There are consumers that listen to music. There are consumers that listen to intelligent interaction. Different consumers have different comments. Most intelligent speakers pay attention to the "intelligence". They ignore other properties. So traditional speakers have strengths.

Third: Functional Properties

The function of intelligent speakers is "intelligence". Its system is not perfect. Now, mobile phones and other devices are convenient. Most intelligent speakers cannot refine sound quality. The intelligent speakers have drawbacks.


Intelligent speakers cannot replace traditional speakers. It is in the short term. That is due to technical limitations. The intelligent speaker gives up the connection mode. It is more portable. Take HONOR Mini Speaker, an intelligent Bluetooth speaker, for example. Its weight is 118g. The traditional speakers can not do this. In the future, intelligent speakers will replace traditional speakers. It will improve the sound quality parameters. Its performance will be better. That ensures stable use and operation.


August 31,2021

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