Will smart watches replace traditional watches?

The big data era is developing. All kinds of high-tech electronic equipment appear. These bring great pressure and impact to many traditional industries. The wearable electronic mobile devices is developing. It will bring great impact to traditional watches. Will the traditional watch industry disappear? These are some opinions from the following aspects. 

The mobile phone is popular. The electronic watches appears. Traditional watch industry lost its great advantages. Traditional watches belong to the "sunset red" industry in the sense. The dangers of the traditional watch industry is not because of the smart watches.

Smart watches represent a digital product with rich functions. We can see this from product function services. Take HONOR MagicWatch 2, which focuses on sports functions, for example. The positioning tends to smart sports watches. It has Bluetooth calling, independent music playing, dial touch transmission and other functions. It is different from the market positioning of traditional watches. In fact, there is no direct sales conflict between the two. You can say that they all belong to the category of watches. It is not difficult to speculate the condition in the next five years. Concept of decoration and brand are important or traditional watches. Other functions of watches will be the world of smart watches.

We can see the current sales situation of traditional watches. It is not too high, it maintains stable data. The brand value of traditional watches is important. Consumers prefer it. It is the symbol of identity and status. Smart watches cannot change these traditional concepts in a few short years. They are the deposits of history and culture. They will pass down to later generations. Social high-tech and the change of users' concepts is developing. No one can jump to a conclusion on the future trend of traditional watches. Smart watches will not replace traditional watches in the short term. We can see this in above analysis.

For the functional attributes of watches, smart watches will replace traditional watches. The decorative attributes of watches are difficult to determine. Traditional watches have the taste of old time and the imprint of the times. They have their decorative uses and collection significance. In such a fast food era, it is a happy thing to look back on the past.

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